Adult and Youth Applications are again available online now that the re-charter process is over. Remember that your key 3 should have a account with their membership number in their profile in order to accept online applications.  Below are a few steps to get started in accepting online applications:

Getting Started With Online Applications

Phase 1: Setting up main contact and accepting applications.

  1. Log-in to
  2. Open the Menu and click on  Legacy Web Tools
  3. Click on BeAScout
  4. Make the "Unit Pin Mode" to Unit instead of Council
  5. Change the Pin Status to Active
  6. Change the Apply Status to Active
  7. Set your primary and 2 alternates.
  8. On the bottom right you will see "Unit Pin Preview," you can adjust what the public sees (this box) by clicking on the boxes to the left.
  9. Click on the save button to save.
  10. Close out of the tab that BeAScout was on to return to

Phase 2: Setting up your unit for online applications.

  1. Click on the Menu and choose Organization Manager
  2. On the right side of your screen you will see two tabs, "Details" and "Settings"
  3. Click on settings.
  4. Adjust your options for Credit Card vs Cash.  Remember, if you choose cash, you must turn in the money into the office and bring the application.  Recommend Credit Card Only for ease of use.
  5. If you would like parents to receive a welcome email after they sign up, make sure opt into the email section.
  6. After all your setting are good, click on the Commit button.

Phase 3: Sending Out


  1. Click on the Menu and choose Ivitation Manager
  2. Here you can send out invitations to new recruits which will allow them to fill out the application on their smart phone or on a computer.
  3. On the top right, if you click "URL" your unit has its own QR code and link to send people to the unit application.

Phase 4: Accepting Applications

  1. Click on the Menu and choose Application Manager
  2. Here you will find applications that need approved. Do not approve them until you have payment if you choose cash/check or until you know they are officially joining.  Once approved they will be charged.
  3. Adult applications will soon be available in which the Chartered Organization Representative (CR) will need to approve the application.
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