APRIL- Field trip How-To’s

Thanks to Carissa for sharing her resources and experience on Pack/family camping!

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my wind scale for hiking with kids so here it is for easy access.

Hiking- Check weather, not just temperature, know wind, precipitation, cloud cover, daylight hours
Laurie’s personal scale of wind speeds for hiking with kids:

  • 0-10 mph-comfortable
  • 10-15 mph-can be comfortable IF you are prepared and have a good attitude
  • 15-20 mph-doable but not fun
  • 20+mph- miserable to dangerous.
  • Note: the colder it is, the more wind will affect comfort.

Below is the link to the resource sheet.  You can find the rest of the handouts in the google drive. (link is on the sheet)

April Resource_Events Sheet

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