Dutch Oven Cook-Off

Dutch Oven Cook-Off During Extravaganza

Event:  Girl Scout & Boy Scout Dutch-Oven Cook-off

Date: September 16, 2017 as part of the Scouting Extravaganza

Time: 9am to noon

Description: Who can really Dutch Oven cook? A Girl Scout or Boy Scout?  The challenge is on!! The Girl Scouts think they can win it!! Are you good enough to beat a cookie selling girl scout?! Or a popcorn selling Boy Scout?!  Sign up today by emailing evahann@yahoo.com.  Judging will be done by community vote.  So bring your grandma, cousins, all your family and neighbors

Rules: Rules:

  1. Sign up will be in advance to the Scouting Extravaganza. Cut -off date for registration will be Sept 1 Register at evahann@yahoo.com
  2. Participants* will provide all equipment necessary to do the cooking. This should include dutch oven, anything to prepare the item and something to cook on. It can be a propane stove or charcoal table or barbeque. No fire rings are available at Howard Amon
  3. Event staff will provide the tasting spoons and small cups
  4. Event staff will provide voting cup and tickets and prizes.
  5. Two items that will be cooked desert, main or side dish. Dessert will be made of something with apple in it and the main or side dish potato.
  6. This will be community judged which means people will be given a ticket and they will drop the ticket in the cup in front of the cooked item. Tickets will be counted, the most gets first place, we can have second place and third place depending on how many sign up
  7. The items must be cooked and prepared on sight.

*Participants can be a troop or individual, even an adult scout leader.