Step 1 - Life to Eagle

Make sure your on the right path by viewing this document which lists steps to take from Life rank to Eagle rank.

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Step 3 - District Reviewers

Before you start filling out your Eagle Leadership Service Project Workbook, you should get to know your Eagle Scout Advancement Reviewers.  These reviewers will mentor, pre-approve, and sign-off on your project.  It is recommended that you call a reviewer before you fill out the first section of your workbook.

Also review the Blue Mountain Council policy on service projects.

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Step 5 - Application Checklist

Review this document which is a checklist to completing your Eagle Rank Application

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Eagle Resources

Step 2 - Project Workbook

Getting Ready for Your Eagle Leadership Service Project?  The Eagle Leadership Project workbook must be download to your computer before you can fill it in.  You MUST use Adobe PDF reader in order for the document to work. Since we want you to have the latest form, the link below will send you to the correct page, but you need to find the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook under Rank Advancement on the page.

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Step 4 - Rank Application

Now that you have completed your project and completed all requirements for Eagle, you need to fill out the Eagle Scout Rank Application.  Just like your project workbook, you must download the application to your computer and use Adobe PDF viewer to fill out the application. On the page look for Eagle Scout Rank Aplication.

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Step 6 - Council Verification

Before you and your unit set your Eagle Board of Review you need a Pre-Review of your documentation to ensure that you do not get denied during your review on a paperwork technicality.

Please bring in your Eagle Scout Rank Application, Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, and your statement of ambition which is an attachment of your rank application to the Boy Scout Council Service Center.  8478 West Gage Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336.  509.735.7306