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To get your unit started with popcorn sales, please fill out the unit commitment form so that we know your ready to start.

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Trails-End Website

Once you receive your username and password, visit the Trail's-End Popcorn System to get on. Watch their training video.

Trail's-End Website


  • May - Register your unit for the sale here.
  • TBD - Popcorn Kernel Training
  • August 28 - Unit Show-n-Sell Orders due through the Trails-End System
  • September 15 Show-n-Sell Popcorn Pickup Day
  • October 23 - Popcorn Sale Ends
  • October 24 - Final popcorn order due and submitted through the Trails-End System
  • October 30 - Show-n-Sell payment due.
  • November 10 - Final Order Pickup Day.
  • November 28 - Show-n-Deliver payment due.

Your Popcorn Resource Kernels

Columbia River
Emilio Avila
Eastern Oregon
MJ Heather
Oregon Trail
Toni White
Christine Brandstetter
Rattlesnake Ridge
Kami Abbott
White Bluffs
Cami Oberman
cami.oberman@scouting.orgCouncil Popcorn Kernel
Christine Brandstetter

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Kernel Training is Online!

Please login to by clicking on "Sign In" under the Popcorn System, you will be asked for your

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