Merit Badge List


Below is a request form to request a list of merit badge counselors in your district.  This list can also be obtained by logging into and choosing merit badge counselors.

The Guide to Advancement states:

  • It is important to note the “blue card” is the nationally
    recognized merit badge record. It has been updated
    from time to time and carries the information needed for
    proper posting and for evidence and reference as
    needed later. The card has three parts: the actual
    “Application for Merit Badge” portion, the “Applicant’s
    Record,” and the “Counselor’s Record.” It requires a total
    of four signatures—two each from the unit leader and a
    merit badge counselor. The unit leader signs first on the
    front of the Application for Merit Badge portion and gives
    the entire blue card to the Scout. See “The Scout, the Blue
    Card, and the Unit Leader,”

Therefore, we will only send merit badge counselor lists to registered leaders of the Blue Mountain Council.