Popcorn Sales

Popcorn Sales

A Council & Unit Fundraiser

Getting Started

Once you have selected your popcorn team  for you unit, make sure to get them signed up at the Trail-End communication portal by clicking here.

Ideas to Consider

  • Make sure to have 2 or more adults as team to work as popcorn kernels.
  • Consider doing door-to-door blitz days before the Show-n-Sell order is due.
  • Consider setting up your Show-n-Sell booths with store fronts early.  September 15th as the earliest start date.
  • Use Google to view busy times for store fronts to maximize your exposure time.
  • Consider one youth and parent at a time when doing Show-n-Sell booths to maximize that youth’s earnings, attention span, learning skills, and motivation to do it again.  (Nothing like Scouts running around bored)
  • Think outside of the box when setting up Show-n-Sell booths.  One unit in California did great at Les Schwab Tire stores.
  • Please be respectful to businesses when setting up and selling.  Make sure to teach Scouts how to be respectful when selling and looking professional.
  • There are no “unit territories” for store fronts, so make sure to set up Show-n-Sells early.

2018 Campaign Material

Prize Programs

Units are required to enter each Scout into the Trails-End system so that Scouts may receive prizes based on their sales:

Prizes will be ordered through the council office by filling out the prize form by November 15th.  Verification of prize levels will be verified through the Trails-End System before ordering.  Scouts may choose a price within the range of their sales or may combine up to two smaller prizes as long as those two prizes do not exceed the Scouts sales amount.  Example: A Scout that sells $1250 may choose from the $1,250 prize level or get two prizes, one maybe at the $450 level and the other at the $650 level.

Bonus Prize

Scouts that sell $650 or more will receive a Blue Mountain Council water bottle on top of the above prize program.

$1,250 Club

Those that achieve $1,250 or more in sales will be invited to have fun at the Roller Skate Arena in Richland.  The Scout and one parent will receive a voucher to attend.  Food and drink will not be provided so please make sure to eat before you come. Extra vouchers for extra family members at $7/person, available through the Scout office.

Important Dates

August 1st – Popcorn Family Guides Available for Pickup – Sales may begin
August 28th – Show-n-Sell Popcorn Orders Due in System
September 14th & 15th – Show-n-Sell Popcorn Pickup
October 24th – Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Orders Due in System
October 29h – Show-n-Sell Popcorn Invoice Due to Council
November 9th & 10th – Show-n-Deliver Popcorn Pickup
November 29th – Show-n-Deliver Invoice Due to Office
December – $1,250 Club Roller Skate Party – Richland


Once you have your team signed up with the Trails-End communication portal, your team will receive periodic emails with important dates.

Another way we communicate is through a Facebook group found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bluemountainbsapopcornteams/

You can also get a hold of your council or district representative:

Christine Brandstetter
Council Popcorn Kernel

Kami Abbott
Rattlesnake Ridge District Kernel

MJ Heather
Eastern Oregon and Oregon Trail District Kernel