Swimming Merit Badge Clinic June 16th

Come prepared to swim!  This swimming merit badge clinic is being held to give scouts the opportunity to pass off the in the water swimming requirements for the merit badge and for the 2nd class rank advancement requirements including the BSA Swimming Test. A certified life guard will be on site in addition to the Merit Badge Counselors.  The swim test will be accepted for the Canoeing Merit Badge Clinic being held later.  However, it does not replace the onsite swimming test required for scout camp.

Blue cards should be signed and Requirement 1 a&b and 8 should be done. All participants will start with the swimmers test.

A maximum of 10 scouts will be in each of the four half hour sessions.  Swimmers will move between 4 different stations to certify for requirements.

June 16th; George Prout Pool

Register for a session here.

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