Update your unit pin to attract new families

A great resource for parents who are trying to find a pack or troop for their son or daughter is the www.beascout.org map. Parents can enter their zip code and easily find Scouting units near their home.

Unit leaders can make this tool even more effective by updating their unit pin, which is easy to do.

Three adults in each Scouting unit have rights to edit the unit pin, the Top Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc), the Committee Chair, and the Charter Organization Representative. One of these persons can follow these steps to customize the unit pin:

1) Log in at my.scouting.org

If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to set up. Once you have an account, you will also need to link your new account with your BSA membership number under ‘Update My Profile.’ If you don’t know your number, please contact the Council Service Center at 509.735.7306.

2) Find ‘BeAScout’ under the Unit Tools section of the left menu.

Don’t see it?  Make sure your profile includes your membership number (see step 1 above). If you are not the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Charter Representative, you will not have BeAScout edit access – please ask one of those persons to update your unit pin.

Once you’ve entered the BeAScout Unit Pin Management tool, continue with these steps:

3) Select the correct unit pin (leaders in multiple units may have access to update more than one pin).

4) Select ‘Unit’ in the Unit Pin Mode field.  This removes the default council information.

5) Update other fields as desired.

6) Select which fields are displayed on the pin.  You can select what information is visible to the public; be sure everyone selected is comfortable with their information being displayed.

7) Preview the pin in the lower right of the screen.

8) When done, click ‘Save’.

9) Visit www.beascout.org to find your pin and verify that everything looks good.

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